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Bannockburn Primary School  

01786 813274
01786 818637 

Headteacher: Mrs A Ross 

 Bannockburn Primary is a Rights Respecting school for 3-12 year olds which aims to provide the best possible all round education for all our learners. Opportunities to succeed in every area of the curriculum are celebrated and rewarded. We all work hard and are extremely proud of all that goes on here. As our website demonstrates, the children at Bannockburn are supported in their learning by dedicated staff and parents.


  The current school building was built in 1965 and has 18 rooms, a library, a Nursery, a large hall, a dining hall plus kitchen
.   Every class benefits from computers and an Interactive Whiteboard.  Learners also have access to ipads and laptops.
An extension to the main building was completed
in November 1993. This accommodates 5 Early Years classes. At present we have 14 classes in the school. Outdoor facilities include a large playground alongside a large grass playing area. The school is owned and maintained by Stirling Council. Security systems are in place governing entry to and leaving the building. We operate a system of signing in and out as well as issuing identification tags. This is perhaps tedious for regular visitors/helpers but our parental community supports these measures for our children's security. .



At Bannockburn Primary School standards and values are very important to us. We set high expectations for everyone within our school community. We have achieved Level 1 as a Rights Respecting school.  A positive and respectful ethos is of the highest importance to all of us.


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Rights Respecting School journey


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Class Teachers

P1B  Miss Brisbane

P1S  Miss Samson

P2B  Miss Beattie/ Miss Garnham

P2H  Miss Howie

P3D  Miss Duncan, PT

P3M  Miss McMillan

P4P  Mrs Polson

P4Q  Miss Pinkerton

P5H  Mr Harvey

P5P  Mr Peden/ Miss Watson

P5/6M  Miss Morton/ Ms Harris,PT

P6M  Mrs McKay

P7A  Miss Anderson

P7S  Mrs Sportelli,PT


Non Class Contact Staff

Mrs Robertson

Mrs Dandie


Leadership Team

Mrs Howland, DHT

Mrs Mellor, DHT

Mrs Ross,HT


ECE Early Intervention Mrs McKenzie


Support Staff

Mrs Ewing

Mrs McIvor

Mrs McEwen

Mrs Newitt

Mrs Burrow

Mrs Tait

Mrs Sneddon

Mrs Hunter

Mrs Morrison



Mrs Paterson (Alison)

Mrs Morrison (Sandra)

Mrs Baxter (Clare)

Mrs Dick (Leigh)

Mrs Dupont


Janitor Mr Richardson


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